Wellingborough Bed & Breakfast / spare room
Self Catering Style B&B

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What we can offer - and what we do not.

We focus on Self Catering for contractors working away from home. It is not suitable for people who wish to treat it as a permanent "main" home, although it is designed to have a "home from home" atmosphere for people who are staying with us while working away from their main home.

There is no contract and Guests are free to move out at any time without notice (though notice is appreciated) and although we would not usually do so except in an emergency (floods, heating malfunction etc), we reserve the right not to renew any room for additional days / weeks / months without consequence at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

People are welcome to remain in their rooms during weekends or equivalent days off - but generally we expect rooms to be unoccupied between 10am and 4:30pm to allow for cleaning, minor repairs and so on. Shift workers are very welcome and of course would be out of the house for several hours per day at other times.

Again, we are not offering a tenancy or other form of permanent home. This is a business where from time to time one or more rooms may be taken out of service for an unspecified amount of time decoration, repair or any other purpose. It is not at all suitable to be used as a "main residence".

Kitchen Use

You are welcome to use the kitchen to cook your own food  - whether a quick zap in the microwave for some reheatable pre-processed tat in a plastic box or a full roast with all the trimmings.

Providing you wash up everything afterwards go for it and have an awesome meal.

Laundry, Linen and Cleaning

You also have free use of the laundry facilities - not usually needed for most B&B guests but it tends to be really useful for contractors, especially if they have been working outside in grotty conditions and need some more clean dry clothes. We ask guests to use the washing line outside during pleasant weather but the tumble dryer is always there for you if the weather is grim.

So that, in a globule is the difference. Oh and we don't do ironing. The linen on your bed will be spotlessly clean BUT it might be wrinkled. Actually it will  be wrinkled. But clean. The cleaner is happy to use the washing machine but shares our disdain of the iron. Do feel free to bring your own if you want to have a crinkle free duvet cover. (The fitted sheets are awesome as they kind of stretch the crinkles out for you automatically).

If you are a Hyacinth Bucket, you will not want to stay with us - all fair - we can suggest the Hind Hotel or the Ibis hotel (Google for their current deals and contact numbers).

If you are someone that doesn't get palpitations if the linen has more wrinkles than a pensioners granny and the idea of washing up your own crockery doesn't disturb you unduly, then you might well fit in just fine with our regular guests. And us. That always helps.

Children, Pets and short stays

Please note, no children under 16 and no Pets - largely for the same reasons.

Well that's about it really - unless you are wanting to try your luck at getting a booking for less than a week. It can be done - some have managed - but the challenge is great and few make it through the doors triumphant.

Your see, we do not really aim to offer stays shorter than one week. If it is absolutely VITAL, then we may sometimes make an exception but the price is then £55 for the first night and £35 per night thereafter.

We know you might be able to find somewhere cheaper than that for one or two nights - and that's kind of what we are hoping you will realise. It isn't that we want to turn away your business (we like money) - but if we take a single night's booking it can block a booking for a full week. Even worse, it can block a booking that would have lasted several weeks.

In any event. the cleaner has to make a special visit just to launder one room. It doesn't make her overly happy and there is only so much vodka that we can bribe her with before she forgets to visit at all.

IF however you are calling mid week for a last minute vacancy in the next day or two, we might just be able to help if the moon is ascendant and the cleaner is in a great mood - do not underestimate the importance of the second point. Think in terms of a cross between a fluffy bunny on valium and an injured polecat on heat - then roll the dice to see which end of the spectrum we are at today.

We do hope that answers most of your questions - but do be sure to pop us a line if you think we have missed something out. You can be sure we will waste no time in replying.

Hugs, or what you will.


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