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Cancellation Policy


Like most establishments, once rooms are booked and paid for, further enquiries for the room are turned away. From our point of view, the room has been "sold" for the period of time it has been paid for.

As such once a room has been paid for it is yours for the duration - whether you stay in it or not.

The first week is NOT refundable - but if If you have pre-booked and paid over a week in advance however there is a chance we can provide the room to someone else - and as such we will provide a 50% refund on any period of time AFTER the first week.

So if you have paid in advance to stay for two weeks and cancel, the first week will be lost (as it is unlikely we can resell it) but the second week is elligible for a 50% refund

A £10 administration fee is charged however to cover the time taken to update booking forms, post corrections to accounts and then to manually make a payment from our bank account to yours.

As most establishments simply refuse ANY refund for cancellation, we hope this is a fair and reasonable compromise. At the risk of stating the obvious, please do NOT book if you are not sure you want to stay.

When a booking is cancelled "mid-stay", any "part weeks" (for example if someone moves out on the Wednesday) are ignored but any Monday - to - Sunday whole weeks more than 7 FULL days away from the date of cancellation will be refunded as above, once any weeks, part weeks and weeks less than 7 full days away have been deducted at the full weekly rate.

If you think there is a strong chance your contract may end ahead of schedule, we would suggest booking and paying weekly in advance only and NOT 4-weekly.

Please do NOT pay in advance if you are unhappy with our cancellation policy, you can instead call us on the day to see if we have any vacancies available for you.

Terms & Conditions


Guests who wish to renew their room need to pay for the following week by Midnight Sunday at the latest otherwise the room should be vacated by 10am Monday. Payments can be made in person by cash (at up to 8pm) OR by bank transfer OR PayPal until midnight.

After midnight, if payment has not been made, rooms may be *automatically* sold online to new guests. If you wish to stay another week it is critical that payment is receieved BEFORE Monday if you wish to ensure your room will be avaialable for you.

Guestscan - 'How We will use your Information'

1  We are members of The Guestscan Association, an unincorporated association of holiday accommodation owners whose address is 46-48 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4LY and who maintain a database of information about guests who have, in the reasonable opinion of members, caused the member to suffer loss or damage. The Guestscan Association is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and have given appropriate notifications to the Information Commissioner.
2  By booking with us you authorise us to report the circumstances surrounding any loss or damage you cause during your stay and to share the information you provide in relation to your booking (including your name, address etc) with other members of the Guestscan Association and Guestscan Limited, who may add your details to the Guestscan Association database. This may result in other members of the Guestscan Association refusing to accept bookings from you in the future. The Guestscan Association and Guestscan Limited may also use your information to analyse and improve the effectiveness of the Guestscan service. We will also use your information for our own internal record keeping.

3  The Guestscan Association and Guestscan Limited will not share your information with any other party for advertising or marketing purposes and will keep your information confidential except where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies).Our Data Protection Policy is available at http://www.guestscan.co.uk/privacy-policy.html.

4   The Guestscan Association will not hold your information for any longer than is necessary to protect the interests of members and the length of time will depend on the severity of the report that is made about any loss, damage or unacceptable behaviour during your stay. In any event, your information will be destroyed automatically or before the fourth anniversary of the date that the report is made.

5   You may request copies of the information that we hold about you at any time by writing to Guestscan Limited at 46-48 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4LY. We may make a small charge which will not exceed £10.

6   If you think that the information we have about you or records of your stay are incorrect or misleading, you should contact Guestscan Limited as soon as possible at the above address so that we can take steps to correct our records where necessary.

7. Theft or criminal damage will also invariably involve referral to the police.

The above issues have only ever affected considerably less than 1% of our guests.

When Booking in, please ensure you bring

1 Photo ID (UK Driving Licence or Passport)
2. Credit card for security deposit hold (£100)

Please do NOT place a booking below if you cannot provide Photo ID and a CREDIT card for the Security Hold (released when you checkout). If you are at all unsure, please speak to us by telephone FIRST.


07734 687 111

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